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Motorhomes for sale

Guaranteed premiun Premium motorhomes

venta autocaravanas

At Amafi Caravaning we renew our fleet every 2 years and you have the opportunity to buy second-hand motorhomes, premium line with all the equipment, warranty throughout Europe and name change included.

All our motorhomes are well equipped so that you can fully enjoy all the comfort and technology .

Awning, bike rack for 4, double rear camera, multimedia equipment with GPS, HD TV, large fridge with freezer, solar panel, AGM battery, locks on all doors, special tires for motorhomes (Michelin Agilis Camping), very important with hot water and oil heating, you have no bottle problems and you can use the heating while you drive.

All services have been carried out in Official Citroën Workshops (Exclusivas Pont, Sabadell) or FIAT (Auto 88, La Maquinista) which guarantees that the only ones who have touched the engines are experts.

The engines (FIAT Ducato or Citroën Jumper) are industrial, Euro 6 technology, manufactured very differently from car engines . They are prepared to function without any problem for more than 600,000 km, which with the usual use of a private individual is about 30 years. The kilometers of the rental motorhomes are made mainly on the road, (high gears, low revs) so the engines are very well cared for.

On the other hand, all repairs are made in the official dealerships of the brand and with original products, that is to say that the Amafi Caravaning motorhomes for sale have everything original from the factory.

The warranty is for 1 year from the Conformgest company, motor, home. The coverage is throughout Europe , which means that if you have any inconvenience, covered by the guarantee, in any country in Europe, you call a telephone and they will solve it without having to move to Spain.

Before putting the motorhomes in the fleet on sale, an exhaustive review is made in the specialized workshops to deliver it with everything working perfectly so that you start the trip without worrying about anything.

In addition, the day you pick up your new motorhome, we give you a detailed explanation of the use and operation of everything.

The price is extremely competitive because we sell 2-year-old, second-hand, well-equipped motorhomes, we include the name change, warranty, papers in order and invoice with VAT.

Buying a motorhome at Amafi Caravaning guarantees quality, service and tranquility.

Enjoy your new motorhome now !!!

Modelos Venta

models for sale

At this time we do not have motorhomes for sale.

For after the summer we will have different models available for sale.

You can book yours, with delivery in October 2021.


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